"We’ve fitted every mobile canteen with a GPS-tracker"

Dixi sanitairy services is not only the best known mobile toilet renter but they also provide cleaning services for mobile canteens. In this case they clean 90 of these canteens in the greater Amsterdam area. The problem here however was that up till recently Dixi got the locations of the canteens every Monday on a Excel sheet.

The mobility of the canteens made it very possible that on Tuesday a couple of canteens would be in different locations. Dixi cleaning crews would waste time on every trip that they made.


We’ve fitted every mobile canteen with a GPS-tracker. These trackers provide their location via the KPN LoRa-network and end up in the Xeelas backend.

The custom portal that we build allows Dixi to store meta-data on the canteens and have a clear overview of current locations. A true turn-key solution that makes sure no time gets wasted on finding mobile canteens.

"Configuration of a monitoring and tracking node"

Ballast Nedam works on large construction projects all across the Netherlands. On these (sometimes 50 km long) sites they use mobile power in the form of generators. It is however hard to determine how often they run and when they would need maintenance.

Even if this information would be available how would you go about finding the right machine on these enormous sites?


Xeelas configured a monitoring and tracking node to log and send the generators running hours. Using the LoRaWAN protocol and the KPN nation-wide LoRa network we know exactly when the gensets need maintenance. And because of the build-in GPS tracker Ballast service crews can go directly to the correct location to do their work.

Every time the generator gets moved to a new position the node sends a update and the new position gets displayed in the Ballast Nedam portal.

"LoRa hardware platform equipped with custom software"

Fudura is a marketleader in providing insight and measuring energy flows for their customers. But they’re always searching for more information to provide better and more accurate advice for the more than 20.000 customers. To get this information they deploy devices that preform measurements and send this information to the fudura software.

The problem is that current solutions are expensive and will only last on batteries for a couple of months at a time. This means that a lot of knowledge stays just out of reach.


In equipping our modulair LoRa platform with custom software that can interpret pulse signals a lot of meters came within reach. Because the LoRaWAN protocol is very energy efficient a standby time of 10 years can be reached. The platform is already CE and LoRa alliance approved so expensive approval programs were avoided.

With this solution Fudura has the ability to better advise there clients based on reliable information.

"A partner to facilitate a private network"

Aqua assistance prevent the forming of legionella by measuring the temperatures of water mains and conducting flushing’s when the temperature becomes to high. They do this in a lot of very large buildings including one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands.

The problem was that they need a lot of measuring devices in the buildings and up till now there wasn’t and energy efficient solution for this. This meant the devices could only be placed at static power outputs or potteries had to be replaced often.


Aqua assistance had built their own very specific LoRa sensors but needed a partner to manage their gateways and build a backend for their case. We provided AA with gateways and connected them to our own LoRa network server. We also made the software that can read and display the temperature sensor information and activate the flushing devices when needed.

These solutions have been tested and recently AA has asked us to build them a custom frontend so their customers prove their compliance with Dutch Legionella policies.


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