No Vendor Lock-In. Choose Customization.

No Vendor Lock-In. Choose Customization.

We often end our blogs writing: please contact us for an exploratory talk or introductory conversation. What do we discuss with the (construction related) companies who call us? Today we lift a corner of the veil.

The equipment department of a construction company is looking for a reliable partner to monitor their equipment. They have conversations with several tendering parties. They notice that every single time they have to make concessions on the hardware they had in mind; every standard solution seems to be just not right. In addition, the parties have the following demands: are you doing business with us? If so, you must use our platform. You will pay a monthly fee for each device. Due to these expenses the construction company failed in finalizing the business case. After reading our blogs they wondered which solutions Xeelas has to offer to monitor their equipment and on what terms.

Xeelas has a different business model from what is common within our industry. Below you can read the 3 most important elements of the services we provide:

  • Customized services with standard components
  • The ownership of the data your equipment generates is always yours!
  • We make a system for you! When you think we have done a good job, we would like to further discuss the maintenance and uptime warranty.

In actual practice this means we do not charge high monthly costs or purchasing costs for each device! We deliver the devices at cost. You only pay for the hours we spend on customizing the system for your specific case.

We think that you should be the owner of your own data. You must always be able to choose who you want to hire for (security) updates, server maintenance and related matters. Are you satisfied with the system we delivered? Do you enjoy working with us? If you do, we trust you will choose us. It’s as simple as that!

Are you looking for a customized digitalization solution with a short return on investment, and does our way of doing business appeal to you? All that remains is for us to say the following words: feel free to contact us for an exploratory talk.

Why IoT is not going to help you

Why IoT is not going to help you

As a (construction related) organization you have to find your way within a rapidly developing, digitalizing world. If your organization does not evolve with it, it will probably not exist within a few years. For the survival of your organization you must participate in the digital transformation of the present and the future. During the journey, the knowledge, skills, flexibility, creativity and agility of the organization will be put to the test.

Nowadays there is a digital solution for almost every problem, to name a few: IoT, Big Data, Human Machine Interfacing, Data Analytics and Robotizing. All these digital solutions are great but will be of no use if…

…your organization does not make a structural change,

…your behaviour and the behaviour of your colleagues does not change,

…you do not give appropriate attention to both the hard and the soft side of the changing process

Xeelas says that the digital transformation of your (construction related) organization succeeds or fails with behavioural change and the willingness to apply those changes in practice.

The following six focus areas are the pillars on which the success of your digital transformation is built.

1) A clear strategic direction

Choose a clear strategy, a focused action plan and an effective implementation. Employees within the organization must be familiar with the new direction of the organization.

2) An enthusiastic top team

Jij dient een ambitieus team te hebben dat de veranderingen binnen de organisatie in goede banen leidt. Zij dienen met één stem te spreken en eenduidige boodschappen over te brengen aan de stakeholders.

3) A good management infrastructure

You must have an ambitious team to steer the changes within the organization in the right direction. They should speak with a single voice and communicate an unambiguous message to the stakeholders.

4) A healthy company culture

In the words of the American management professor Peter Drucker: ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. No matter how smart a strategy is, if the company culture is not being paid enough attention to, change has no chance at all. In short, provide a healthy company culture and make sure the strategy and the company culture are not at odds with each other.

5) A vital organization

Provide enough physical and mental energy within the organization. This is how you develop the indispensable changing capacity that enables your employees to renovate a helicopter while flying, in a manner of speaking.

6) A good chemistry

Make sure that the employees feel connected to all the new developments within the organization and try to secure the individual connection in the changing process.

Xeelas listens to the needs of the people in your organization, helps you to develop a clear company strategy and looks at how technology fits within. Please contact us for an exploratory conversation.

Also keep an eye on our website for an article in which we will discuss in further detail how you can make your company strategy and IT strategy integrate with each other.