Industrial IoT for a changing world

About Xeelas

Times change and your organisation changes along with it. New technology, new possibilities and utilizing opportunities. Industrial IoT is the right tool to take the next step.

Xeelas has extensive knowledge about mobile industrial machines. We successfully connect your fleet and think beyond just technical solutions. With our technique you can also develop new business cases and generate the coveted Return on Investment on your II-oT-projects.

The Xeelas method

A lot of companies already have experience with digitialising and connecting their fleet. Perhaps you’re just starting out and are looking to take the next step, or perhaps you’re already further along in your journey. Whatever phase of the digitisation project you are currently in, the goal is scalability. You want to operate in a smarter, more quiet, sustainable and cost reducing way. For all of these things you can contact Xeelas, no matter the phase of the digitisation project.

Digitisation scan

Do you feel like a lot is coming towards you when it comes to digitalisation, for example IoT devices, digital documents, artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality? Do you find it difficult to determine what you should prioritise at the moment? Our digitalisation scan will help you make the right decision.


By innovating smartly you can connect your fleet of machines at an early digitization stage while at the same time increase customer value. This comes with a number of benefits for both you and the customer. We are happy to share these benefits with you.


Xeelas developed the REDI method to get the most out of digital transformation. REDI stands for: REsearch, Development and Implementation. You can join at any stage, depending on where you are in the digitisation process.

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