Our story

It all started with Dick Klaassen. “I worked for eleven years in the Air Force technical service. During that period I worked with a large number of different industrial machines, such as aggregates, refrigerated containers, compressors and pumps. In addition, I gained a lot of experience with how to connect a fleet. My passion for my field led me to found Xeelas.

In recent years I have gathered various engineers around me who, like me, are familiar with new technology and have a predilection for working with industrial machines. Together we help progressive companies to take new and follow-up steps in the field of digitisation.”


Xeelas’ DNA

We work with the latest technology every day. That influences the way we view the world and the industrial sector. You can consider our vision to be the double helix of Xeelas. It’s what we are made of; those building blocks reveal who we are, what we stand for and what you can expect from us. Our five building blocks are:

Innovate continuously

Continuous innovation with a lot of nerve; never stop developing and testing new solutions.

Flexible organisational structure

Maintaining our flexible organisational structure allows us to keep up with new developments and the needs of our partners.

High-quality IoT products

Develop high-quality IoT products that do what they are supposed to do in the demanding world of our partners.

Enable business cases

Develop practical applications that enable more and more business cases for our partners. The key to doing business is the other party that’s involved.

Creating scalability

Creating scalability with new technology. Partners must be able to run more production with less costs.

Michaël Devid
Christiaan Joosen
Back-end developer
Mark Floor
Gauri Tawde
Embedded engineer
Dick Klaassen
Founder & CEO
Maarten van Dootingh
Firmware developer
Anton de Bode
Front-end & Machine learning
Felix Heins
Project manager
Jan Roorda
Project manager
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