We have noticed that many of our clients find it hard to integrate their corporate strategy and IT strategy with each other. It is the greatest management challenge of this century. Martec’s Law (2013, Scott Brinker) discusses this dilemma. It reads as follows:

“Technology changes exponentially,
yet organizations change logarithmically”.

Below: the graphic representation of Martec’s Law.

Everyone can see the rate at which technological developments occur in the world, and most of us can feel the impact daily. The areas of expertise psychology and sociology teach us that both individuals and groups need time to change their way of thinking and their behaviour. That implies that organizations – the way they think and behave – change arduously and slowly. Within the context of Martec’s Law they lose valuable time because technological changes don’t wait. However, at the same time you can’t force changes within organizations.

Technology changes faster than organizations can absorb changes. According to Martec’s Law this creates an increasing gap between the technological changes and the adaptability of the organization.

So, what is a good approach to adapt as much as possible in the digital era in spite of it?

Smart entrepreneurship and Proactive Management

You can let your organization change with the technological developments at its own pace. The critical component is MAKING CHOICES! Decisions within an organization regarding which new technologies match the company culture must be taken continuously and quickly. Which can best be incorporated in the activities and company culture? Get rid of the half-baked ideas and trials. Ask yourself the following question: how do I move my employees from a ‘we have to’ mindset to a ‘we want to’ mindset? In short, the crux of good technology management is proactive management and smart entrepreneurship. By choosing consciously and having a clear idea of which technological changes are most in line with the general strategy of the organization, your business can meet its goals.

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PS: See for yourself:

  • Do you recognize the assumptions of Martec’s Law within your organization?
  • Do you see solutions for the gap between fast technological developments and the adaptability of your organization?