Less operational costs

>3 years

Return on investment


Of your fleet in 1 portal

1) Quickly get the coveted ROI 

It takes time to connect your fleet as a whole, to optimize the process and to create scalability. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to quickly get an ROI . Xeelas closes the time gap by focusing on what is important for both your customer and your company at an early stage of the digitisation process.

This couldbe, for example: less diesel consumption, CO2 emissions and noise emissions. You’ll get 24/7 insight into current consumption, so no more unpleasant financial surprises. And the right machines with the right power in the right place. All these benefits come with lower costs. This is the power of new technology! Your customers will appreciate you for your innovative, sustainable and affordable service.

2) Get the most out of the Digitisation process

The REDI method

Where are you currently in the process of connecting your fleet of machines: in the Research, Development or Implementation phase? In which of the three phases can you use our help?

1. Research

Are you still investigating what your options are or how you should continue? In the research phase we listen to the user stories of everyone that is involved. We look at which parameters are important with regard to the equipment in the field. And we look at where your organisation can achieve the Return on Investment by connecting machines.

2. Development

In the development phase we develop the hardware, back-end and front-end. We do this using the Scrum method. Scrum is the constant delivery of value in a fixed rhythm. Xeelas has three-week sprints, which means that we deliver an iteration of the product every three weeks and thus deliver value. You provide feedback and, where necessary, we make immediate adjustments.

3. Implementation

The implementation of the new digital way of working must be done carefully. Our engineers do a small test first. This means that it is thoroughly examined what happens in practice when the organisation switches. We only start implementing when everything functions like a well-oiled machine.

The fleet is officially connected when the parts are in the machines and the new work instructions are clear to all stakeholders. The only thing left to do is to set a date on which the organisation will switch to the new digitised system. Such a moment is and will always remain exciting! It is the moment our engineers work towards together with you and everyone involved.

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