This smart IoT node can be used to monitor various machines and assets. For example the node can be connected to a board computer via RS232, CAN or Lin.
This enables various sensors to be read (0-10V, 4-20mA. Etc.).
The X-Com node is particularly suitable for extensive monitoring of assets.

Available in two options; din rails version or IP67 waterproof version
Serial communication with board computer via RS232, CAN or LIN
Interfaces external sensors for 0-10V, 4-20mA or serial UART
Power supply 12-24V (3 months service life internal backup battery)
External antennas so the node can be integrated into a computer casing.

X-Com Solar

A sustainable track and monitoring unit to locate a mobile asset or machine effortlessly. Because of the presence of solar cells, this node continues to operate as long as the sun shines. By using the solar cells as GPS antennas, this node can get an accurate and fast GPS solution.

IP67 waterproof casing
Unlimited service life as long as the sun shines
Double sensor interface for all types of industrial sensors
NI-loT, LTE-M or 2G connectivity with over the air upgrade feature

Feel free to take a look at our animation and see how these products are used


The X-Gate device is our sustainable gateway for public or private LoRa networks.
It is entirely waterproof and contains a high-end antenna and a 4G LTE module.
The X-Gate receives 8 channels at the same time to make optimum use of the large action radius and energy efficient features LoRa has to offer.

IP67 waterproof casing
Gateway for public or private LoRa networks
High-end antenna
4G LTE module

Xeelas Portal

We offer access to your own online dashboard where all the collected data is displayed. Our customers are appointed their own dashboard environment where they can monitor all of their machinery and equipment. Within the custom portal, a digital map displays real-time location and status for each machine, allowing users to access and add individual settings for equipment.

Online dashboard
Intended for our customers
Adjust settings through the portal
Real-time location is displayed

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