Series G IP67

Does its job in every powerhouse machine

  • Measures vibrations
  • Displays the status of the machine
  • Rugged waterproof IP67 housing
  • Bluetooth for wireless connection to sensors
  • Connection for every control unit
  • 6+ months of internal battery capacity
  • Powerful CPU for edge computing and machine learning

Series S2 IP67

Makes optimal use of sunlight

  • Unique lithium batteries
  • Extended battery life (30x more than usual)
  • Charges even at -20 ° C
  • Suitable for any industrial sensor
  • RS485 ModBus, 2x 4-20 mA, 0-24V, 1-Wire and LIN Bus
  • Combines data with the sensor fusion
  • Uses solar energy
  • Can function 6+ months without sunlight
  • Connectable to any machine

Xeelas portal

 Xeelas offers subscription access to its own online dashboard where all collected data is displayed. Our partners are assigned their own environment where they can monitor all their machines and devices. The real-time location is shown on a map and the status per machine is transparent. In addition, the settings can be changed per machine via the portal and objects can be added.

  • A clear online dashboard
  • Easily change settings via the portal
  • Real-time location is shown 24/7, 365 days a year