The future is here.

Many organizations, including companies in the construction industry, aim to increase and expand their innovation. We assist them in taking the next steps with the digital transformation of their fleet management systems. The distinctive capability of our services is the combination of technical solutions and customized guidance for employees and management during organizational transformation towards the digital.


Fewer operational expenses

20 years

of proven experience


commitment of employees

Technical Solutions

Hardware Solutions in the Form of Monitoring & Tracking

You can track down and communicate the exact location of mobile industrial equipment and resources on site locations. It is also possible to monitor the use of equipment and resources at various locations. This enables you to see how often a machine is running, how much fuel is being used, and when the machines require maintenance. You can also identify material and inventory of the fleet. As a result, incomplete and inaccurate data is a thing of the past.

Custom Software For Each ERP System: In the Cloud or Self-Hosted

Our software communicates with all existing software applications. For instance, your organization communicates through your own ERP system, other existing software packages in the cloud or your own existing servers. Our software can be customized entirely to your requirements.

Manage Your Material with a ready to use portal and native apps.

We create a ready to use and/or native app so you can read all the information of your machines, change settings or set up alarms. As a result, you and your employees have access to the material in the field 24/7 and from any location.

Customized Assistance

Digital transformation is based on technique, but depends entirely on the necessary changes within the organization. To steer this change process in the right direction, we involve people from within the organization in the process. Employees and the management team of various generations and in all layers of the organization get a clear insight into the opportunities digital technology has to offer, and how they can utilize this new technology to the fullest. Watch this free knowledge session..

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