Ballast Nedam uses aggregates and a variety of other equipment on construction sites.

The Question
How can Ballast Nedam measure the frequency by which the aggregates are used, when they require maintenance, and where the equipment is located on the construction site? How can the number of materials being lost or stolen be reduced drastically?

Our Solutions

  • Xeelas configured a monitoring tracking node providing Ballast Nedam with a constant insight into the operational hours of the aggregates.
  • Ballast Nedam currently applies the LoRaWAN protocol and the nationwide coverage of the KPN LoRa network. It can now be measured accurately when an aggregate requires maintenance.
  • allast Nedam’s maintenance team can effortlessly find the exact location because of a GPS-tracker which is placed in the node.
  • s a result of the GPS-trackers and distribution boxes the equipment is always in sight.