Xeelas at TEDx: ‘A Camp In The Cloud’ and Symbiotic Entrepreneurship

Our ‘Business Development Prime’ Dick Klaassen was recently ‘on stage’ at TEDx Venlo. In the video below you can see his whole talk.

Internet of things, it is a word often used these days. But how do you apply it to improve the life of the refugees that dominate the world news? Dick Klaassen is inspired by this subject and it shows in his talks. During the second Gulf War he guarded the border between Turkey and Iraq and later served in Afghanistan. He saw what conflict can do to people. After 11 years he ended his career in the Air force. Because as he explains with wide gestures: “I’d rather go to places where people want my help.”

Deploying internet of things in refugee camps, Dick wants to get a “camp in the cloud” using LoRa technology. If that wasn’t enough he aims to do it using something he calls Symbiotic Entrepreneurship. What that means and how he plans to do it, you will learn from his talk.