Xeelas Partners With SADE GROUP to Launch LoRa™ Network in Istanbul.

Amsterdam, 23-03-2017

Today Xeelas and Sade group announce their intention to build Turkeys biggest LoRa™ network in the nation’s largest city. This will allow businesses, local governments and conservation groups to collect and analyze data from thousands of connected devices in a streamlined way enabling them to make intelligent decisions about their business operations.

“Xeelas brings us knowledge about the LoRaWAN™ protocol and ready to use hardware and software,” says Olcay Taysi (CEO of Sade Group co.). “We can start deploying LoRa™ right away with the support of Xeelas. This will give us the head start we need to be one of the first to bring LoRa™ to Turkey. This network will be the first step of IoTNetOp: the Sade Group’s initiative to deploy LoRa™ to 10 big cities within Europe in a very short time.” SADE GROUP has more than 10 years’ experience in developing products and services that utilize wireless networks to provide connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. SADE already helps clients execute their communications strategies efficiently and profitably by using; RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC, Sigfox, ZigBee and will be adding LoRa™ to their portfolio.

“For us Sade is the ideal partner,” says Dick Klaassen CEO of Xeelas: “they have the experience and the network to deploy LoRa™ networks on a large scale. We are very ambitious but being a new company you need partners that believe in what you’re doing. We are very lucky that Sade shares our goal of bringing LoRa™ private networks to Europe. In this way we’ll give our customers the opportunity to utilize the IoT and optimize their business.” Xeelas has worked on building their knowledge about the LoRaWAN™ protocol for the last 2 years. In this time they have, not only created LoRa Alliance approved industrial nodes and gateways, but also a LoRa™ network server that can route millions of messages. This fully scalable network server allows for the growth that Sade envisions in the next years.

“The collaboration between Sade Group and Xeelas to quickly implement a public, LoRa-based LPWAN for Turkey is an excellent example of how companies are working together to make the IoT a reality worldwide,” said Klaassen. “Such collaboration also shows the value of the open LoRaWAN™ specification as it continues to bring hardware, software and networking companies together to drive innovative solutions for the IoT market and make the world more connected.”