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Xeelas Services

Xeelas offers products based on the latest LoRa technology*. With LoRa you have the unic capability to connect with your products via a commercial network or build your own. With our X-Gate LoRa gateways you’ll be able to accuratly follow and monitor all of your products within a large area.

You can choose to start with a single gateway but we offer a fully scalable sollution for your private network. A private network will allow you to build a cost effective network and have full control of data security. Xeelas can help you with a single product or offer a complete end to end service. Let us help you with a tailor made solution for your IoT challenges.

Data Collection
Analog IO
Digital IO
Data transport
Xeelas network server
Cloud based distribution
Dashboard & Rapports

Backend management via our own gateways

Xeelas offer backend management for companies that need assitance with building and controlling their own private networks. With our X-Gate LoRa gateway we can build you a private network of any size. We can also connect any other gateway to our backend and expand your network.

Backend management via commercial networks

Xeelas can offer backend management in combination with most commercial LoRa providers. Please contact us to see if we can offer services in your country.

Custom frontend development

Xeelas offers specialist knowledge with design and development of interactive interfaces for your devices. You can decide, on user level, how the information is displayed and which devices can be viewed.

Insightful data analytics

Xeelas has data analytics models based specifically on the limited amount of parameters provide  by LoRa nodes. We can help you unlock the real value from your data.

What services does Xeelas offer?

LoRa netwerk and application serverroute your data.
• LoRa Alliance and CE approved hardware designs. ontwerpen.
Partner programmes open source access to all Xeelas designs and knowledge.
• A total tailor made solution for your IoT challenges.
• A broad knowledge of industrial protocols and standards.
Extended service options for enterprise level security and reliability.