In control of your data

Xeelas X-Com

The Xeelas X-Com is a node that gathers and processes data. With this multi-purpose node you will always know the current status of your products. The X-com can be supplied with a web-based dashboard. This will allow you to view all relevant machine data. You decide how you want to view the latest parameters, trends and alarm history. Xeelas can help you with a single product or offer a complete end to end service. Let us help you with a tailor made solution for your IoT challenges.

Machine / Data Collector
Input and Output Applications
Data transport
Cloud based distributie

What does the Xeelas X-Com do?

The Xeelas X-Com is a monitoring and tracking hybrid. This device can process analog, digital, serial and I2C signals. It’s state of the art CPU allows for datalogger functionality. You can set thresholds or send data via the new LoRa* technology.

What can you use the Xeelas X-Com for?

The Xeelas X-Com is optimally suited for monitoring and tracking generators, HVAC, cool containers, compressors, mobile concrete silo’s and any other mobile machine.

What are the advantages of the Xeelas X-Com?

• With Lora you're using the latest technology
• More cost effective than current solutions because of the LoRa-protocol
Works up to 10 years on two AA batteries
Simple installation: it's plug and play
GPS based tracking, accurate up to 1,5 meters.
Precise readoutsof your products and locations
Set an alarm; relays messages at unusual values or malfunctions
Security functions: get a warning when your products move unexpectedly
Industrial quality; superior embedded engineering designed for industrial envirements
Standard 128 bit data encryption is a standard feature of LoRa.