Xeelas X-PULSE: The numbers tell the tale

Xeelas X-Pulse

The Xeelas X-Pulse is a node that gathers and processes data. With this multi-purpose node you will always know the current status of your products. The X-Pulse can be supplied with a web-based dashboard. This will allow you to view all relevant data. You decide how you want to view the latest parameters, trends and alarm history. Xeelas can help you with a single product or offer a complete end to end service. Let us help you with a tailor made solution for your IoT challenges.

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What does the Xeelas X-Pulse do?

The Xeelas X-Pulse is a communication module that processes digital pulses. Because of adjustable firmware the specification can be fitted to your needs. The data will be send via the new LoRa technology* at an interval of your choosing.

What can you use the Xeelas X-Pulse for?

The Xeelas X-Pulse is optimally suited for smart metering (water gas and electricity), Solar controllers and a wide range of agrarian use cases.

What are the advantages of the Xeelas X-Pulse?

• With Lora you're using the latest technology
• More cost effective than current solutions because of the LoRa-protocol
Works up to 10 years on two AA batteries
Simple installation: it's plug and play
GPS based tracking, accurate up to 1,5 meters.
Precise readoutsof your products and locations
Set an alarm; relays messages at unusual values or malfunctions
Security functions: get a warning when your products move unexpectedly
Industrial quality; superior embedded engineering designed for industrial envirements
Standard 128 bit data encryption is a standard feature of LoRa.